25 Ways To SLAY On A Small Bridal Budget

25 Ways To SLAY On A Small Bridal Budget

Congrats, FEYonce! 

You're getting married, love! How exciting! Now is the time to plan out your most wildest, romantic, blissful dream for your BIG DAY! From the venue to floral arrangements, to hotel for family and bridal party, to DJ, to photographer, to catering... oh, and of course your jaw-dropping wedding dress! (Hope The Glitter Agency is your top design choice!) With all these decisions to make, we wanted to help with tips to stay on Bridal Budget so you can enjoy wedding planning and avoid financial burden when the big day is over!

Here are 25 Ways To SLAY On Bridal Budget:

1. Establish A Budget That Covers Everything (like, everything... including forks!) Use the cash - envelope system to help keep money in the category it needs to stay in. 

2. Use percentages that can visually assess how much of your budget is being spent into which category (i.e. Dress, Bridal Party, Reception Decor)

3. Avoid overspending, ask yourself TWICE - "Do we really need this?"

4. Buy flowers directly from the flower market instead of floral shops. Your friends or loved ones garden may have greenery, branches or succulents that can work great for bouquet or center-piece filling. Eucalyptus is a great inexpensive filler!

5. Ask your village (family or friends) to contribute in their area of expertise - baking, designing invitations, calligraphy, photography.

6. If you're purchasing items in high volume, ask supplier for wholesale or discounted bulk options. Now is not the time to be shy!

7. Get inspired and get your feet and hands wet with DIY bridal projects - Remember, Pinterest is bae and YouTube is the go-to University to conquering creative projects on your own!

8. Make your DIY project a fun experience with you and your closest village members. The ones who you can count on to show up, get dirty, complete tasks with positivity love, laughter... and hopefully, bring WINE! Make it a DIY Party!

9. Opt for an out-of season wedding date. This may help decrease venue and bridal costs. Winter and late-autumn are non-competitive seasons for the bridal industry in the Spring. Less things in demand and possibly less costly!

10. Vet your suppliers, be open to new suppliers in the industry who are excited to  have the work and experience, and possibly have lower prices than established suppliers. Remember to keep an open, honest space for communication regarding expectations and deadlines. 

11. Ask your suppliers to refer accountable colleagues in the industry. If your go-to supplier is reliable, it is likely that they will have a referral base... birds of a feather flock and SLAY together!  

12. Venue costs can be quite eye-bulging, be mindful of your budget and use a venue that won't force you to tap into another budget envelope. Use your own church or backyard, with the right decorative eye - you can beautifully transform four walls into the palace of your blissful dreams.

13. Venue and time of wedding can impact cost... ever consider a breakfast/brunch wedding? WELL, WHY NOT! Venue fees may be less costly for food, decor, set up, alcohol, and more. #ThinkAboutIt

14. Forgo party favors. Guests tend to get a little too tipsy after wearing out the dance floor and totally forget it on the table while heading to their car. A gracious hug of appreciation from the Bride and Groom goes a long way than the chocolates or candles. Save that money!

15. Studies have proven the most cost effective way to feed your guests and keep money in the bank is to have a buffet menu. Consider buffet style dining with safe, healthy guidelines and social distancing.

16. Be ware of extra small costs - reception games, photo booths and entertainment will have the guests talking about how awesome your reception was while you walk away with additional over-budget bills. Find ways to keep YOUR day filled with love and entertainment. Keep in mind, love is free so avoid bumping up extra wedding expenses.

17.  While cash-bar weddings can be frowned upon, go with what works for your budget. If you prefer an open bar, go for the complimentary signature aperitif. This creates less needed volume for alcohol (especially hard liquor) when mixed with with a sweet chaser and a creative way to design your own #MrAndMrs drink for the evening.

18. Wedding cake alternatives is the new-new! Doughnuts, Rice Krispie cakes, candy bars and chocolate fountains have taken front row to the traditional wedding cake slices. Dessert stations also provide memorable photo opts for guests and Insta!

19.  Your wedding dress can definitely be a "something old" or "something borrowed" symbolic memorabilia. Your mom's or Nana's wedding dress can be altered and revised to your taste and silhouette with magical hands from the right seamstress. 

20. Sample sales and pop-up shops are gems for rare bridal finds for the bride or bridal party especially if your bridal party consists of your Sister and Bestie (just those two!). 

21. Let the LBD be transformed into the LWD. A Little White Dress (or Jumpsuit) is perfect for the Destination Wedding and Boho Chic Bride. 

22. Is the veil a must? It doesn't have to be. Remember you're creating a new life which means new traditions.  Determine if the veil is a must-have for your happily-ever after.

23. Bridal Accessories can be meaningful and repurposed. Gift your bridal party with their accessories as a 'Thank You' gesture instead of purchasing an additional token of appreciation plus accessories. Trust, they will rewear their accessories and think of you every time they do!

24. Be sure that your Groom has a budget-friendly plan for his Groomsmen. Encourage him to discuss all cost matters with them and leave certain items open for discussion as a group forum or private conversation. Gift groomsmen accessories if they are responsible for purchasing their own suits. Provide cost-effective accommodation options for hotel reservations and bro-time bachelor party festivities. 

25. If you're going for a custom, unforgettable wedding dress, contact your Wedding Designer (preferably Fairy SLAYmother) as soon as possible for a Consultation to discuss your vision, establish your budget and set your deadline. Avoid waiting until the last minute to select your dress style and fabric to ensure fabric availability, set payment installments and scheduling fitting appointment. Have an enjoyable experience gown design experience with The Glitter Agency.


We hope these suggestions have given you some reprieve about the new journey ahead. Aim to smile every day as your wedding day unfolds without breaking the bank. Stick to your budget using our Bridal Cash Envelopes. Happy Planning!  


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