Fall/Winter 2021 Brides - It's Not Too Late

Fall/Winter 2021 Brides - It's Not Too Late


HEY BEAUTIFUL BRIDES! No matter if you've waited until the last minute, had original plans delayed from 2020, or gotten engaged over the summer and decided to just "GO FOR IT, WHY WAIT!?" You're ready to get married and don't want to wait another second, we're here to let you know that it is still possible... THIS YEAR! Go BIG or keep it intimate - your heart and coins will guide you along the way.

Here are a few suggestions that can help make your "expedited", unapologetic ever after just as magical :

- Open-mindedness

- Creativity & DIY excitement

- Support from loved ones and bridal party

- A comforting, committed partner

- An "all or nothing" Event Planner who won't accept "No"

- Patience... & a bottle of wine close by!

Hopefully, by now you've established the date... if so - YAY! Pat yourself on the back and put your sparkly roller-skates on because it's time to get the ball rolling! Let's send the invites out!

The venue and invitation really does help set the tone, personality and feeling of what's to come, what your guests can expect, and what you and your beloved will remember forever.

As 2021 Fall/Winter approaches, consider the beautiful seasonal changes to influence invitation color, tone and texture:

  • Keep It Traditional with Classic White
  • Go Neutral With Earth Tones (Accent with an unexpected Metallic accent)
  • Monochromatic For A Contemporary Feel
  • Grey for Calmness (with a possible pop of PINK!) 

Get inspired from awesome finds by Pinterest, Canva, Zazzle, & Zola!

 Click for invite inspiration - Pinterest


Go from velvet to embossed or simplistic. Connecting with how the special day ahead makes you feel and expressing that with your selection of the perfect invitation to convey the message. Be authentic and clear, don't overthink it - trust your instinct and move forward because there is plenty more to check off your list!


Glitter XOXO! 


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